Promario Bressanone
Concorso su invito, 2012
Typ Architettura di paessaggio
Luogo Bressanone
Commitente Comune Bressanone
  Padiglione café & shop; wWorkshop
  Casa Clima A
Crediti Arch paesaggio: Eva Schgaguler con Schweingruber Zulauf Landschaftsarchitekten, Zurigo
Visualisazzione: Paolo Fortuna
The Hofgarten Brixen is being restructured and opened to the public as park. The original "Promarium" (Garden of Trees) is rebuild. The architecture follows the landscape architectural plan and offers flexible uses of the pavillion as exhibition and event area as wells as shop and cafè. The building is planned in modules in order to strengthen the reversibilty of it. Recycled materials are being used for the construction.